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Our community

A community of people raising awareness, tackling the stigma and reversing negatives into positives.

We don’t want anyone to face a mental health problem alone. The more we open up about our mental health the more it transpires that other people are going through the same thing. 


There needs to be the understanding, freedom and awareness to address mental health in the same way as physical health.



20% of all Eeverse profits go towards putting on events that raise money for essential mental health charities and help to educate people on ways to improve their mental well-being!

Power of Positivity

At Eeverse we know how important community support and open conversations are in the battle against mental health, but we also recognise that many people need to seek professional help which is outside of our realms of expertise.

This is why we put on charity events such as ‘Power of Positivity’ which raise money to help local organisations and charities who are working on the front line in the fight against mental health.

Our first event in Birmingham city centre had over 100 people in attendance and raised £700 for Birmingham Mind, specifically to help fund The Birmingham Mind Helpline which provides advice, information and signposting to people with mental health issues, carers, professionals and the general public.

The purpose of ‘Power of Positivity’ was to educate people on ways to improve their mental well-being by using positive living and positive thinking. We had a clinical psychologist speaking about the links between negativity and depression, a dietitian speaking on the connection between food and how we feel, plus a TEDx motivational speaker energizing the audience and inspiring them to reach for their next level life.

20% of ALL Eeverse sales are donated to our partners Eeverse Events C.I.C who are responsible for running educational charity events to Educate, Inspire and Empower people around the subject of mental health.

Eeverse Events have just launched their latest project Be;Live which we are proud to be sponsoring. To find out more about Be;Live, hit the button below!

Image by Omar Lopez



It IS okay to talk about mental health!

We want to use YOUR voice and YOUR lived experiences to help change and save the lives of others!

We would love for you to join Eeverse’s growing community of ambassadors who are actively talking about their mental health. We realise that people are at different stages on their journey of navigating mental health and Eeverse actively supports people at every single stage of this journey.

Whether you’ve beaten depression or anxiety and feel as if you’ve come through the other side, or whether you are really struggling with your mental health and you want to start talking about it, Eeverse wants to hear your story and invite you to become part of a movement that encourages open non-judgmental conversations around mental health

It is important to us that your voice and your story is heard. Eeverse cannot exist without people like you who inspire change, encourage others and speak honestly about mental health as you share your story with the world.

Whether you have suffered for 10 years or 10 weeks, your voice is still powerful, and the world needs to hear it! Eeverse is passionate about the power of NOW! There is no time to waste…

NOW you have a chance to get people talking honestly about mental health.

NOW you have a chance to help reduce the stigma around mental health.

NOW we have a chance to help other people beat their mental health.

If you want to help us reduce the stigma and reverse those negative connotations surrounding mental health, then we want to hear from you! We would love to hear about your mental health journey. We want to know what helps you, who has helped you and your top tips on living day-to-day with a mental health condition?

Whatever it is, we want to hear, and we want the world to hear it too.

Our ambassadors include people from all walks of life with completely different and unique stories. We do not discriminate against any colour, race, shape, size or religion. We love and respect everyone and feel hugely honoured by anyone who opens up to us about their mental health journey.

So if you want to help Eeverse in our mission to begin more conversations about mental health, please contact us below,

We would love for you to become an ambassador for Eeverse, an ambassador for mental health, and an ambassador for hope in your community.

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